Mobile Trip Service for ‘Backpacker 2.0



Mobile Trip Service for ‘Backpacker 2.0: Travelling with a Smartphone’

Smartphone is a mandatory item for travelers these days. Traveling is a Serious Information Behavior Traveling has been analyzed and promoted from political, economical and social point of view. However, information studies in modern tourism have not yet been valued much in spite of its importance. Indeed, traveling can be described as a process of “Consuming and Creating a Fantasy”. Tourists manage, consume and create a lot of information through 5 stages while traveling. Preparing Post DuringTraveler with Smartphone on Hand UX lab, Seoul National University




  • 저자:이중식, 정영찬
  • 년도:2012
  • 발행:SDT, International Conference on Service Design in Tourism
  • Tags:2012 , 이중식 , 정영찬