Perceptions and uses of online information sources



Perceptions and uses of online information sources: focusing on undergraduate students’ learning environments
In the age of a society infused with digital technologies and information, the Millennial undergraduates who have grown up with the Web for their entire lives can easily and readily access a wide range of online information sources in relation to their needs in learning. However, in the vast amount of information available online, it is challenging to locate, evaluate, and select quality information that the students are looking for. Despite efforts in helping students to select the optimal sources for acquiring appropriate information for their learning, research indicates that students still often turn to the sources they prefer rather than those more suitable for their needs. In order to better understand and acknowledge the information seeking behaviour of undergraduate students in the Web environment, this study sought to explore the students‟ perception, use, and evaluation of online information sources for their learning.



  • 저자:손보연
  • 년도:2013
  • 발행:서울대학교 석사학위 논문
  • Tags:2013 , 손보연