Prototyping Sensor Based People Counting System



Prototyping Sensor Based People Counting System

This paper presents an unobtrusive, low cost, light weight and easy to install laser sensor based method for door people counting system. The system employed two paired laser sensors on two doors of one laboratory connected to Intel Edison board. The sensors have the capacity to detect people entering/exiting the doors. The Edison board computes the number of people based on sensing people and directions using the counting algorithm. The application for counting algorithm is developed using python programing language. The system provided fairly accurate counting results under different scenarios with the best scenario 95.3%. The scenarios tested were the sensors placement location on the door (knee (87%) or shoulder (93%) shoulder position using upload option to the cloud the improvement was 8% for changing location alone. Changing rules for uploading data from cloud to local server for the shoulder position has shown a 3% increase in accuracy (93% to 95.38%). The system has many implied applications like controlling room light, Controlling Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and for tracking visitors’ statistics in libraries, archival centers, and seat reservation systems.

Download: [Prototyping Sensor Based People Counting System]